To the editor:

In response to the Oct. 29 story, "Salem seeks $223k in fines from homeowner,” I cannot believe we are pursuing fines to clean up a foreclosed property.

It sounds (in the article) as if he was trying/wanting/hoping to clean it up and was unable due to the cost, hence the foreclosure.

My “letter" has nothing to do with the environmental concerns or the disposal of printers.

We don't ask people to pay for their children after they get taken by the state, nor should we. First, the notion itself is laughable. Secondly, in reading the other news, there are bigger fish to fry, folks.

Lastly, more importantly, by having that fine over his head, we are adding, in my opinion, more stress and "burden" to this man.

Why not teach him instead, if we feel the need, by having him complete an environmental module or something? This or something of the like is a reasonable solution that can be "repayed" (we likely will never see that money because if he could have helped it, again, it seems like he would have). It would be something positive that could come of this.

Caille Roy

North Andover

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