To the editor:

The tribes of the Amazon rainforest are in dire need of support and assistance from the rest of the world.

We are witnessing an unprecedented amount of destruction as a result of all the fires intentionally started by farmers in Brazil to clear more land for cattle and soybeans. The rainforest will be even further diminished into isolated sections of wilderness if something is not done soon to halt this desecration.

The parts of the rainforest that have been completely devastated by the recent fires could very well have contained unique species of animals and plants, some not even classified. Some of these unknown and undiscovered species could potentially have had medicinal properties.

Not to mention that the Amazon rainforest is home to multiple tribes that depend on the forest for their food and shelter. These tribes have recently put aside their past conflicts and united in defense of the rainforest.

We need to help these tribes in every possible and feasible way, in order to protect the remaining rainforest.

When large sections of the rainforest are cleared, the ecology of the local environment is altered dramatically, resulting in numerous long-term impacts that are detrimental to all forms of life.

Once these areas of rainforest are gone, they aren't coming back any time soon, and they will likely never return to their former extent as a result of all the unknown species that have been lost.

Matthew Mixon


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