To the editor:

As the father of two young kids, this has been an intense and difficult year, but our schools have equally serious long-term challenges ahead.

I want us to make sure our children are returning to schools that are better than the ones we mostly left a year ago -- ones that do more to support those who are struggling and challenge those who are already thriving.

I want to make sure we put equity and fairness first in ways that extend beyond words into real, measurable results.

I want to make sure we have the staff, faculty and facilities to live up to our goal of providing a world-class education.

It is for these reasons and more that I am supporting Joe Hicks for North Andover School Committee. He has the critical combination of being both a parent and educator.

As a dad of elementary school kids, he knows the work our school system needs to do and has the personal investment to see it through.

As an instructional coach at Salem High School, he teaches the teachers the latest in pedagogy. He knows how the sausage gets made in education and what needs to be done

Hicks is a fountain of insight and knowledge.

Our children will be in great hands with him on the North Andover School Committee.

Michael Lis

North Andover

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