To the editor:

For 35 plus years, I’ve had my paper delivered, and I read every page. A combination of world, national and local news feeds my thirst for information.

When the news upsets me, I turn to the sports page where I can see pictures of young people in our communities doing positive things on the athletic field and winning admiration. I would like to see more of this but not just for athletes and athletics.

Not all young people can be athletically inclined. Perhaps you could have a new column such as “community youth in action,” presenting pictures and short stories of young people in elementary school and even at the Boys & Girls Club, in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, etc.

It would give people a positive feeling toward young people if you included other activities as well. Show pictures of kids involved in academic pursuits too. They deserve accolades for brain power. You could show “kids” working in history, English, psychology classes, etc., or while working in body shop, music, art and gym.

If it’s permitted, show them working at their real jobs. Personally I’m impressed by how many teenagers combine school and working jobs. Many work very, very hard. Show this to us.

One column that displeases me is “Sound Off.” Sometimes there is thought provoking information and commentary, but other times it surprises me that you would print such rubbish.

Through the holidays it would give many people hope if positive statements about our communities would be expressed. How about doing it for a week? We can’t do much about the negative things that go on in our world but for a short time let’s remind ourselves of the positive “stuff” that goes on in our communities.

In Salem, N.H., it’s the library and the folks working for it for whom I want to sound off. When I fist moved to town over 35 years ago and traveled on Route 28, the image of town was that of a mess. I almost didn’t buy a home here.

Then I visited Kelly Library. I was very impressed then and I still am.

Marge Hesse

Salem N.H.

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