To the editor:

Recently there have been several mentions of Sen. Elizabth Warren on these opinion pages, mostly about the assertion of Indian Heritage on an application, one going so far as to credit that assertion for all of her achievements in life.

I think that in a time free from widespread DNA testing, one might take at face value family claims on ancestry, but we'll admit it isn't quite accurate and probably will kill her candidacy.

Now, I'd like to focus on our duly sworn president, for whom, "I'll release my taxes" turns into "I won, you don't need to see my taxes." He also said he won't have time for golf, we know how that goes. “Make Russia Great Again” — his blind devotion to Russian President Vladimir Putin is changing global balance.

He hasn't been able to give satisfactory aide to disaster victims in Florida and Puerto Rico. He has presided over the destruction of the environment, and the pollution of our air and water. He has campaigned non-stop since his inauguration and instituted trade wars which are hurting American businesses and consumers.

Added to the above is the constant lying, infantile name-calling and a complete lack of knowledge of his position. One can't help but wonder what people are watching?

All this and I haven't even mentioned his amoral personal life or his underhanded business practices.

Donald Trump is a disgrace to the office of president, and one would hope voters wake up before it's too late.

Leonard Gallivan