To the editor:

It is not breaking news that the past three years have been fraught with myriad challenges in and about our community.

While anyone can and will always pick fault, I feel it is a reasonable statement to say that our town has fared well with such unforeseen chaos as the Columbia Gas disaster, the COVID-19 pandemic and their impact on our people and our business community.

It would be very easy to continue the list of challenges that we have faced, and why I feel that Chris Huntress has well served the community during his first term on Andover's Select Board.

But that’s not why I am writing to support him.

I’ve known Huntress for almost 30 years. He is an honest and upstanding individual. I will always vote for him, even if there are issues that we disagree upon.

It’s about the person, character, work ethic and commitment to community -- and he excels in all these areas.

Party affiliation would “never” have me not vote for him. People discuss “politicians” and the negative stereotype associated with the word; Chris is the antithesis to the stereotype. He’s the type of individual we wish we had, and now have, serving the community.

Character, work ethic, commitment to community -- please know that these attributes were there a long time before Huntress ran for his first term on the Select Board.

I support his candidacy with the highest acclaim. I hope the voters of Andover do the same.

Timothy McCarron


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