To the editor:

I’m responding to the recent letter about losing our freedoms.

I would point to the initial letter, and now my response, being published in this newspaper as clear evidence that our freedoms are still secure.

As for the Democratic senators voting in lockstep with President Obama on health care and environmental issues, those are the prime reasons we support that party. They at least try to act in the interests of those who lack influence in our society.

And where is the indignation over the current Senate leader refusing to even vote on bills forwarded from the House of Representatives without prior approval from their party's president?

As for caring for our planet, I'd bet that most Americans want to move to clean energy and responsible resource management rather than the current administration's rush to deregulate and plunder our lands and wildlife.

As far as the "fake" media and it's effect on public opinion, I don't rely on media to form an opinion if I have a live subject to study.

And, in the case of President Trump, he has given excessive amounts of proof that he is both unqualified and incapable of doing his job — and also not of sufficient moral character to be allowed to continue.

It boggles the mind that someone can suggest trusting in Trump and truth and not be joking.

There have been remarks by religious leaders about his God-like qualities. After seeing his treatment of loyal Americans, I see President Trump more closely emulating Judas.

Leonard Gallivan


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