To the editor:

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu covered himself in the same red blanket that his Republican Party has wrapped itself in for the past three bloodshed filled years on Friday, Aug 9. That’s when Sununu, as expected, vetoed all three commonsense gun law proposals submitted by the Legislature in Concord, ignoring the terrible double shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas just days before.

The three proposed statutes that Sununu found so unworkable?

Here’s one of them: All firearms would be banned from school grounds save for those carried by police and other school-authorized persons.

Many of our states have wrestled with this legislation for years. The dangers of having college and high school campuses populated by young students and other adults walking around packing heat should be self-explanatory. Welcome to America’s GOP.

And how about the waiting period and background check rules, which would allow several days for a newly registered gun owner to have the authorities check his “wants and warrants,” along with his criminal history, to ensure that some violence prone felon isn’t issued a potentially dangerous killing toy?

Two summers ago, I was at a flea market in central New Hampshire buying low-cost old coins, comic books and other fun stuff. In about two hours I effortlessly observed four gun and rifle sales (no semis or automatics, thankfully), all quickly and easily effected between the sellers and buyers. All were total strangers to each other.

Except to all those living in Asgard, it’s common knowledge that these potentially tragic activities go on unimpeded here and across America, mostly at gun shows and in private sales. But seeing it happening so casually and matter of factly, with no exchange of permits, identification or other documentation, was a great example of what the right-wing has been fighting to keep in place for years — no accountability over secret firearm sales, no matter the potential innocent victims. Unless it’s themselves, of course.

After all, we don’t want to inconvenience anyone doing with something so stupid as actually making sure we know who owns all those guns proliferating in our midst, or even whether or not they should be allowed to possess them. You know, the same way we do for cars and boats, homes and property, Selective Service, etc.

Sununu’s remarks justifying his vetoes contained all of the tone deafness common in most fans of America’s most insidious of all political action committees, none of whom recognize that our nation has been in a national crisis for decades due to the National Rifle Association and its conservative adherents.

“Our focus as a nation must be on addressing the root causes on hate and violence.” That makes a lot of sense, coming from a man who helped install President Trump in the Oval Office, the most hate-filled “leader” this country has ever had, a man who has enflamed hatred to its present state toward anyone not caucasian, straight and Christian.

Finally there was Sununu’s ridiculous closing comment claiming that enacting the laws would “further restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding New Hampshire citizens.”

Sure, outlawing deadly weapons on school campuses and making sure anyone who purchases one is legally qualified to have it is a real inconvenience. Try telling that to the “inconvenienced” murdered citizens in recent years at school locations around the country, along with their grieving families and friends.

There are approximately 13,000 firearm murders annually in this country. There have been almost 300 school shootings in the past 10 years.

Maybe it’s time for a little “inconveniencing,” in the Granite State and nationally.

William F. Klessens

Salem, N.H.

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