To the editor:

Television talking heads and politicians work the sounds bites without developing a coherent strategy.

The pundits’ job is to inform, present the news, so I ascribe no blame. But the politicians’ job is to govern, so I do criticize their inability to get to the core of the issue, to debate strategy to cure the social disease of racism.

Instead they only spout what they think their constituency wants to hear.

The core issue of racism is that humans, as with most animals, even insects, are tribal in nature. Our inherent tribalism is not a theory but a fact backed up by science. To deny this, or not take it into account when attempting to address racism, will cause failure of any interventions and programs designed to relieve the burden of the oppressed.

Any true movement to ameliorate racism must include strategies for society in general. Education is the obvious first step and must include historical evidence of the sameness of all humans in spite of difference in appearance.

This should be society-wide, involving schools and also privately in our houses of worship. Teachers and religious leaders must be the vanguard so that students and parents understand the deleterious effect of systemic racism.

The politicians seem incapable of addressing this problem at its core.

I am not a sociologist, an anthropologist or a trained educator, so I will not comment on details — only that we must address our own tribalism if we are to overcome racism.

Marc Klein

North Andover

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