To the editor:

We have been lucky to sustain a healthy economy under Gov. Chris Sununu’s leadership. As a business owner, I have seen great success in this thriving economy; I have added staff, boosted wages and increased employee benefits.

This prosperous economy has afforded me and many other ordinary New Hampshire citizens peace of mind and financial stability.

Gov. Sununu’s veto of the Legislature’s budget makes me hopeful that this thriving economy can sustain such success for years to come.

The Legislature’s budget included various problematic expenditures that were unsustainable. I am grateful that the Governor vetoed it.

Large amounts of our government’s money would be dedicated to funding various services, which in time, would drain our government’s surplus resulting in their eventual cut-back.

We would end up with hundreds of thousands of New Hampshire residents unsupported in years to come, as services they became accustomed to would be slashed to prevent deficit.

It was clear to me, and many Granite Staters, that the Legislature’s budget plan was an irresponsible use of tax dollars, and I am glad that Gov. Sununu’s veto well represented our best interests.

I hope that we will see a more sensible budget proposal from our Legislature in the coming weeks that includes sound plans for New Hampshire’s future.

We want our tax dollars spent toward sustainable improvements that will grow New Hampshire’s economy and make our state an even better place to live and work. Gov. Sununu’s veto protects this possibility for prosperity.

Al Letizio Jr.