To the editor:

On Tuesday Nov. 5th, I am asking Haverhill voters to join me in re-electing Tim Jordan to the City Council.

Over the past two years on City Council, he has worked tirelessly with others toward a long-term vision to make Haverhill the best it can be. He uses facts, data and the advice from those in Haverhill who are on the front lines of our challenges in education, economic development and public safety.

Being a financial planner, Jordan uses his knowledge of finance to make commonsense decisions that will lead Haverhill to long-term success. He realizes that to run a city efficiently and to prosper, you need transparency, leadership and the ability to work and listen to others, and most importantly, to invest in the future of Haverhill.

Let’s re-elect Tim Jordan to City Council to help move our great city forward.

Jeff Grassie


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