To the editor:

To describe Jennifer Kannan is not simple, but I am confident those who know her as I do will agree with this. Here goes:

There is not only one thing, but there are plenty of good things about Jenn.

She is a daughter whom her father loves with all his heart, and she is a close friend of her mother with whom her mother shares everything.

She is a sister who loves her siblings beyond her limits. She treats them like her own children.

She is a niece who is loved and adored by her aunties.

She is a friend who can make you laugh, even if she herself is not feeling good, even if you fail to do the same in return for her.

She is a wife who leaves her parents’ home and joins her man's family, and considers his family as her own family to make their lives beautiful. Whatever you give her, she is going to multiply it — a house into a home, grocery into a meal.

Give her a smile, she will give her heart to you, which is the only thing she demands in return.

Then, she is an incredible mother. From her you will start believing that God really exists in the form of mother, her unconditional love will make you fall in love with her every new day.

These are the different faces of Jenn, which make her beautiful.

Besides them there are still many good things about her.

She became even more beautiful when she carried a baby for nine months, bearing all the pains. Despite of all those pains, still, she feels blessed to give birth to new life.

She is incomparable. She knows how to balance things, where to push or where to pull, where to pray.

At last, she is a treasure, if you treat her in the right way. Because if you take care of something good, that something good takes care of you.

She will make an incredible mayor for Methuen.

Bob Scimone


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