To the editor:

Like many Methuen residents, I have a passion for certain issues. Being the father of a heroin addict in recovery, I guess you know what issue I am passionate about.

I am one of a growing number of parents who say, "if only I knew then what I know now."

I approached the last two city administrations with the idea of creating a subcommittee to do education on the dangers of addiction and ways to prevent it. You can only imagine the hope I have when I read on candidate Jennifer Kannan's website about her plan for the creation of a task force to address these issues and take action.

I have seen firsthand the positive effect when a community gets involved, and the beauty of it is that it costs little or nothing to get the word out. Thank you to police Chief Joseph Solomon for creating CARES, which has been responsible for saving lives.

Now, I know this task force won't resolve the police contract, lower your taxes or resolve the many issues that face our great city.

What it will do is save lives and spare the suffering of parents with a loved one suffering or dying due to this epidemic.

I commend Jennifer Kannan for making this a priority, and I pledge my support and ask those who know me and know the impact that this epidemic has created to also support her in her bid for mayor of Methuen.

Phil Lahey


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