To the editor:

After reading all of the letters to the editor and Sound Off bashings attacking Jennifer Kannan, and having been in the company of Neil Perry’s supporters and overhearing Kannan's name dragged through the Methuen proverbial sewer, my mind is truly exhausted.

Perry supporters complain about Kannan supporters attacking Perry in the newspaper. His supporters are as hypocritical as they accuse Kannan’s supporters of being; only, they’re doing it at restaurants and bars, thinking nobody hears them other than themselves.

Perry has a public court record viewable online, since Probate Court documents are a matter of public record. I've heard Perry and Kannan in person. I'm a well educated person, and I’m proud of having an impeccable reputation both professionally and in my own private life.

Those of you who plan to vote for Perry in order to rid Methuen of the "same old political crap,” knock yourselves out, you deserve what you'll get in the end — a corporate, white-collar narcissist who is best friends with two former mayors and others in town and who will do the city of Methuen a great injustice.

Kannan has a better mindset, better plan and better resources to get the job done right, starting the day she gets sworn in, and she plans to make changes to better the city rather than keeping it status quo.

People can cuss me, but, I know the facts. For many with big egos, it's hard to accept facts for what they are.

For mayor of Methuen, educated logic will vote for Kannan, who is second to none.

Bob Scimone


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