To the editor:

It seems to me that people just don't get it or are just possibly naive.

Jennifer Kannan could have easily walked away from all the bashing on social media and silly ridiculing in Sound Off, but she's brave and tough enough to handle all the hatefulness her opponent's supporters have been directing toward her.

She's standing up for the citizens of Methuen to make a change and correct all the nonsense that is going on in City Hall. She wants to make things right as mayor, for the first time in many, many years, as she was unable to do as a city councilor.

The police superior officer's contract, which she has been blamed for (only to hurt her reputation) was not her doing. Unfortunately former Mayor Steve Zanni was the culprit; he and he alone deceived the councilors.

Neil Perry's supporters have harassed and belittled Kannan time and time again, and she has not said one untrue statement regarding him. They have taken signs from lawns and coerced residents to remove her signs and replace them with his.

At the last debate, Perry announced he had a restraining order against him from his second wife. The truth is, he had two restraining orders filed against him. A restraining order is filed by someone who is frightened and/or concerned about their safety. How can we possibly even fathom the idea of a man sitting in the highest position in the city when he has had such a serious court order filed against him?

Any woman with any dignity can see that Perry is not the man he appears to be, and I hope Methuen’s voters will stand with me and vote for Jennifer Kannan as our next Mayor on Nov. 5.

I’ve read Perry’s remarks on social media regarding Kannan, and he should be ashamed of himself for labeling her as someone who is only trying to hurt his campaign and family by spreading incorrect stories to gain votes. The truth is that he’s the one being untruthful to the residents of Methuen for his horrendous and heinous acts against a woman.

Several people knew about his restraining order and did not bring it to anyone's attention until he mentioned it at the last debate, misleading everyone about the truth.

Brenda Marsha


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