To the editor:

I write in support of Jennifer Kannan for mayor of Methuen.

I have worked with Jennifer as a member of the School Committee and as a member of the Charter Review Committee. In both instances, she was welcoming, thoughtful and knowledgeable. I have observed her strong leadership ability and her capacity to bring people with different opinions together.

At Jennifer’s initiative, the City Council and the members of the School Committee had two productive joint meetings this year. We are all committed to keeping the lines of communication open to work toward greater transparency.

She understands the challenges and opportunities facing all school systems, and she always has the best interests of students in mind. She is adamant about providing the best education possible for our students. Her questions during our meetings demonstrate her knowledge and understanding of the budget.

On the Charter Review Committee, I was on a steep learning curve. Jennifer took extra time to ensure that I understood the charter. From her 10 years on the City Council, she could share examples of what worked well and what needed further study.

Throughout our committee meetings, Jennifer expressed concern that we needed to keep the needs of the citizens of Methuen at the forefront.

Jennifer’s commitment and dedication to the Methuen community are unparalleled. At numerous school and city events, she is always engaged in listening.

I strongly recommend that the voters of Methuen elect Jennifer Kannan to be the next mayor.

Susan M. Nicholson


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