To the editor:

With the recent Sept. 11 remembrances and Veterans Day just around the corner, all Americans are proud of our veterans and first responders.

Jennifer Kannan is from a family of both. Her grandfather and grand uncles were all Navy veterans. Her father and uncle are National Guard veterans. Her nephew is an active duty marine, and her cousin is planning to enter a military college in 2020.

Her brother and son are first responders in Methuen, yet she has never voted to benefit either of them and never would.

Kannan has voted in city elections since she was able to because she has always loved and cared for the city where she was born.

Neil Perry, however, has not voted in our city elections for almost 20 years, yet he seeks the highest office in our city. He is being backed by two former mayors, both of whom have made bad decisions concerning city money and finances. 

Perry would construct a new public safety building and possibly a new City Hall. Where do you think this money will come from? Even after loans and grants are obtained, Methuen taxpayers, many of whom are retirees and senior citizens, would be further burdened by tax hikes.

If you don't care that your taxes will skyrocket, vote for him. But, if you want a mayor who will care more about the taxpayers and make responsible financial decisions, Kannan is the person who should be our next mayor. She will bring honesty, integrity, experience and transparency back to City Hall after many, many years.

Some citizens feel we should clean house and vote in a new slate of politicians. Each spring when we clean our home, we discard all unwanted clutter and dead wood, but we keep all valuables and those items that have proven their worth over the years.

Kannan is a valuable asset to the city of Methuen. Her knowledge and experience are recognized by her fellow councilors, who voted her as chairwoman several times.

She and other seasoned councilors wrote up a booklet to familiarize new incoming councilors with procedures and guidelines. This is one of many reasons why a more experienced person should run our city.

Perry is beholden to two former mayors. Kannan is beholden to no one. He has strings attached, but she will dance for no one. A vote for her will get you no favors.

A vote for Jennifer Kannan will elect the best person in City Hall as our next mayor.

Barbara Firth


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