To the editor:

I want to express my support for Jennifer Kannan in her quest to become the next mayor of Methuen.

I first met Jennifer after moving to Regency at Methuen when our residents were seeking help with a serious safety problem. She came to our community, quickly grasped the situation, and became our champion at City Hall.

Unlike two successive mayors, she treated our community with respect and worked hard for us. Once she gave us her word, she never wavered in her support for us.

She never treated us like a special interest group but as a group of constituents who deserved her help – as I would imagine she treats all who come to her for assistance.

I know her to be honest, hard working and smart. I am not alone in believing that she will bring not only a wealth of experience to the mayor’s office – experience that is needed now to get our city back on strong financial footing - but a level of integrity that has been strangely missing over the past two administrations.

Neil Grover