To the editor:

I am proud to support Jennifer Aziz Kannan for mayor of Methuen.

Before my retirement, I served for 10 years as director of veterans services for the city of Methuen.

In her capacity as city councilor and as a private citizen, Jennifer has shown extraordinary support for veterans. She has been at virtually every parade, ceremony and special event we have sponsored. She has financially supported our fundraising efforts to help the people of Methuen.

As a city councilor, Jennifer always makes sure there is adequate funding for the Veterans Services office. She also introduced and guided to passage an ordinance that gives returning veterans credit for their active military time to meet the age requirement to take the civil service exam and serve our city as they served their country.

I am confident that as mayor, Jennifer will do everything she can to make sure veterans continue to be respected and remembered.

I am urging my fellow veterans to vote for Jennifer Aziz Kannan in the preliminary election on Sept. 17 and in the general election on Nov. 5.

Ed “Hoppy” Curran