To the editor:

After watching the Democrats’ extreme left-wingers in the recent debates, it should be clear that if any one of these dangerous individuals ever becomes president, with their kook ideas, we as a country will cease to exist.

Our freedom would be ripped from us and democracy as we know it would descend into darkness with no end in sight.

The party of Democratic socialism is on the rise. This is not the party of John F. Kennedy, to which I used to belong.

They seemed to have lost all touch with American values and reality. In fact, you could say some of their plans are very dangerous for American freedom as we know it, in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It threatens to rewrite and destroy the Constitution of 1778 and the greatness of America and a free people.

Financially proposals by Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would bankrupt the country — a nice turn of events so socialism can control every person from cradle to grave.

Socialized medicine for all, including 245 million people who presently have private health care; forgiveness of all student loans, which means billions owed on loans now obligated to; and free college to anyone, will all mean billions of dollars more are spent. Meanwhile, borders will be open for all illegal immigrants.

Security will be lost, and wages will be hiked so that many millions of people are put out of work, as businesses cannot pay them. These are among some of the $40 trillion in prices if changes are implemented.

For these so-called patriots in the Democratic socialist party, I pray freedom will continue to ring and we keep America strong and free.

Ed Brooks

Salem, N.H.