To the editor:

I have yet to see liberals, when speaking about guns and the Second Amendment, discuss the guns on the street in the hands of criminals or those from the black market. Their only solution to shootings is the disarming of law-abiding citizens and imposing new laws.

Gov. Chris Sununu was absolutely correct when he said laws would further restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. Maybe what the left should do is sit down and look at the problems they observe with new eyes.

William Klessens failed to mention the Parkland Commission recommendation that schools have armed teachers on campus. The shootings in El Paso, Dayton or at Parkland were not my fault or the fault of any other law-abiding citizen. They were, however, the fault of this country and its lack of attention to mental health care.

The left continues to grind its teeth on the fact that President Donald Trump was elected under the laws of our Constitution and blame every shooting on him. We survived President Barack Obama, who had 32 mass shootings under his reign, and you certainly will survive this presidency. Our two-party systems allows for choice and change every four years.

Until this country looks at the real problems we face with mental illness, as we once did, people will act out, crying for help they never received. And if the left did not believe mental illness was a problem, they would not be calling for red flag laws.

Stop pointing your left finger at the good citizens who live by the laws set down by this country. Stop whining that your neighbor should not be able to have a gun; someday that person may save your life.

Look to the black market with its gun-running highway through New Hampshire to the northern border and start speaking out about how the criminals are killing good people in Chicago.

Why do you ignore these deaths?

Jeri Levasseur


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