To the editor:

It is indicative but not at all surprising that a GOP state representative, Fred Doucette, can jam so much false information and biased, negative commentary into one letter. But I guess the lesson is, never underestimate the depths to which a GOP rep will go.

"Name five things" Democrats have done to improve your lives? Really?

A partial list: Social Security; Medicare; Medicaid; Federal Emergency Management Agency; Americorps; the GI Bill; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Clean Water Act; minimum wage; time and a half for overtime; the 40-hour work week; child labor laws; consumer protection laws; public schools; public colleges; public roads, highways and bridges; the Occupational Safety and Health Administration; bans on leaded gas and the insecticide DDT; bans on chlorofluorocarbons; the Marshall Plan; integrating the military; every single piece of civil rights, equal rights and LGBT legislation in the past 70 years; student loans; the Family and Medical Leave Act; food labeling; federal home loan programs; Meals on Wheels; the Motor Voter Act; a woman's right to choose; the Environmental Protection Agency; school lunches and breakfasts; and about a hundred more.

Someone should read this list to Doucette and also throw in the fact that his hero, President Trump, a master businessman, has declared bankruptcy repeatedly and exploded the national debt — all while dividing the country, asking for dissenters to be "shot,” embracing dictators, alienating our long-term allies overseas and rolling back meaningful clean water and clean air laws.

Obstruction of justice? That’s just the beginning.

As for the million jobs in his "first seven months,” those were created by the Obama administration. An incoming president's budget doesn’t go into effect until his first year has passed. You'd think an elected official would know this.

And, I’m sure when the recession hits, as it always does for Republicans including Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, that Doucette will blame that on President Bill Clinton, who left us a trillion-dollar surplus and 4% unemployment, President Barack Obama, or perhaps President Harry Truman.

Dont worry, in 2020, the adults (Democrats) will take over and fix everything, as usual — unless, that is, Russian President Vladimir Putin hacks into 30 more state databases again to give his pal the "win.”

Domenic A. Feroce


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