To the editor:

I find it very sad that Lawrence has lost yet another child due to the recklessness and social issues that plague this city. It seems we are losing at least one child per month because of abuse, drugs or other criminal activity.

This city is no longer the city we knew when we were young. We are now overpopulated with people who have no regard, consideration or respect for anyone else.

When our innocent children fall victim, it hurts the community — the common thread of those who still care and love their families and are thankful for what they have and what is right. Unfortunately, the percentage of those humble, hard-working folks is dramatically decreasing. This is what is left.

Perpetrators of these crimes often show little or no remorse. Where do we go from here? I really don't know but I’ve thought: What if she were my daughter? How would I react? How could I forgive? How could I move on?

It may be time to look at tougher, more rapid legal resolutions to these type of events, as they are happening much too often.

Say a prayer for the family of the little girl killed in this weekend’s crash in South Lawrence. May the good that is left in this community come together to support her family, who I am sure are trying to cope with grief of losing a child.

Brian Durkin


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