To the editor:

A column in the Feb. 4 edition of The Eagle-Tribute invokes the League of Women Voters in a diatribe against the Republican Party. This is unfortunate for the League’s long-held position as a nonpartisan source of voter information.

Francis Wikinson writes, “In the present era, it’s hard to see how any group that supports democratic values — even a group as venerable as the League of Women Voters — can possibly maintain a claim to be ‘nonpartisan’.”

And yet we do. The League stands firm that we will fight for voting rights — the very basis of our organization was the woman’s suffrage campaign in the early 1900s.

We will fight for the right of every voter to cast a ballot for candidates of choice.

We will hold candidate forums next fall for state representatives and senators with equal chance to make their positions known.

We will distribute voter registration information.

But we will also continue to address the restrictions placed on voters that Wilkinson mentions, such as gerrymandering and wholesale purges of voter rolls.

That can be done on a nonpartisan basis, as members of any party should deplore tactics that threaten the value of the vote in a democracy.

Liz Tentarelli

President, League of Women Voters New Hampshire

Newbury, N.H.

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