To the editor:

Trump derangement syndrome is alive and well in Methuen.

I read Micheal Bleiweiss’ recent letter to the editor. It was full of misconceptions but mostly hate for President Trump.

First he mentions Trump’s pulling troops from northern Syria. This was a campaign promise that Trump made, stating he would pull us out of foreign conflicts that are not in the interest of the U.S. He has now kept that promise.

Why should any American soldier lose their life fighting in the sand dunes of Syria?

Then, of course, no "never-Trumper" could go a paragraph without mentioning Russia and that Trump is an agent of Russia. After three to four years of this nonsense, not one shred of evidence has ever been produced to prove that lying accusation.

Even a biased, un-objective Robert Mueller stated that no citizen of the U.S. had colluded with Russia in 2016. Again, pure nonsense.

Bleiweiss then shows his true hatred for the president by stating that, in a phone conversation with President Erdogan of Turkey, Edrogan “may” have threatened Trump by cutting off royalties from a couple of hotels associated with his name.

Was Bleiweiss in on that phone conversation? Is he our latest whistleblower?

Finally he lists a bunch of articles of impeachment that the radical Democrats in Congress should use. Trump is already a multi-billionaire, yet Bleiweiss and others keep saying he’s in this to enrich himself.

Come on. We’re approaching the holiday season, let the hate go. If you want to show your distaste or disdain, vote for the radical democratic socialists in 2020.

Mark Kislowski


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