To the editor:

In response to the hyperbolic letter from Sara Dillingham regarding the Trump store, I cannot believe in this day and age that adults actually feel and act this way.

Someone opens a store to make a living, and it's called an "eyesore," "unsettling" and "terrifying." I am ashamed that this letter was published with so many untrue statements.

Pickup trucks with flags supporting the president and the police are revving their engines and swearing at passers by? It's outrageous.

Saying it's "terrifying to live here as a minority" is reckless and racist.

Stating that the store was opened as a "scare tactic" is ridiculous.

The author of this letter is a registered Democrat who is running for state representative from Salem, N.H.

Accusing others of bullying and scare tactics, all while doing exactly that, is what is wrong with our political system right now. It's not enough to be opposed to half the country's views, they need to admonish them and disparage them, with outrageous claims and lies.

Running for public office while making false claims like this is dangerous and disgusting. The election will hopefully separate the wheat from the chaff.

Leave this business alone. They have every right to sell what they want, it's called American capitalism.

And, don't forget to vote. You can change the direction we are headed.

David Coombs

Salem, N.H.

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