To the editor:

It’s astonishing to me as I read the rants in Sound Off that some writers cannot understand the difference between the taking of the U.S. Capitol and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Both were public group displays based on the frustration of those groups about the state of American politics and society. But that is the only similarity.

The far right’s invasion of our seat of government was driven by the unfounded lies of a sore loser. One person’s inability to recognize that he lost an election was amplified by supporters who thought they would benefit by sustaining his claims.

Those claims were unsubstantiated by any proof and rejected wherever they were challenged, even as it became clear that his views and style of governing were unacceptable to the majority of Americans.

On the contrary, Black Lives Matter demonstrators were out en masse to bring attention to generations of people affected by unequal opportunity and treatment by the society in which they live, and by unequal treatment by law enforcement.

A plethora of data substantiate their grievances.

This is an extraordinary time in America when such narrow minded individuals, who do not have the courage to sign their names to their proclamations, can equate the demonstrations of those seeking to overturn a free and fair election to demonstrations of those seeking to repair centuries of racism.

Marc Klein

North Andover

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