To the editor:

Nestled among all the houses in the Mount Washington area was a little church made of brick, stone and mortar.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the clergy and parishioners of St. George's Church for giving me the opportunity to serve them in the many capacities throughout the 30 years when I was a parishioner there.

During this time, the most rewarding was doing all the liturgical decorating. Thank you, Father Brodwick, for allowing me to serve you and all the parishioners in that capacity.

I enjoyed decorating because the love and appreciation that was expressed to me will never be forgotten.

All those years will be forever etched in my heart.

To all the people who assisted me in any way, I thank you.

A special thanks to Lee Mims, who brought his 50-foot ladder to church and helped me decorate the arch in the front of the altar at Christmas time.

To Greg Bush, who assisted me every Easter decorating the side altar.

Though this church was tiny, the love we experienced was greater than that of any cathedral. We laughed, cried and partied together.

Even though this era has gone, the memories and love will live forever. from our little church of love.

God bless and thank all of you.

Torry Sciacca


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