To the editor:

City councillors are motivated often by a desire to see their city progress financially, socially and educationally. The Haverhill city councillors I have know have always been available to help with even the smallest of concerns.

Unfairly, city councillors take the blame for things beyond their control; expectations fall short if department heads and bureaucrats don't do their jobs, an all-too-often occurrence.

One councilor on whom I have always relied is William Macek. From questions about building permits to problems with uncooperative neighbors to something that seems simple, like cutting vegetation overgrowing, on my street, he has always endeavored to help me navigate the city bureaucracy.

His voting record demonstrates an independent streak. While he works to keep tax rates low, he makes few apologies for making sure our greatest collective strength, our public schools, are funded properly using our tax dollars wisely to educate our children for a better Haverhill.

Macek also brings a great sense of humor to what he does, a key component for anyone who works in a stressful environment.

It is something I look for in every person I meet: Bill Macek never is just about himself. This is a great characteristic to have in an age where some political leaders govern by tweets that are exclusively about themselves. A psychiatrist might refer to this as a person with an egotistical or “narcissistic personality” — a psychological disorder that leads to unwise decisions.

Macek gathers his information first, evaluates it, then tries to decide on the best course of action. If a problem remains unsolved, he tries another avenue.

It is a pleasure to endorse and vote for Bill Macek in the upcoming elections in Haverill. I hope all those reading my letter will too.

Michael Veves


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