To the editor:

Recently many politicians have embraced another healthcare proposal, “Medicare for All.” I do not understand how this could work.

Just as was the case under the proposed Clinton Health Care bill and Obamacare, no one really knows what would happen, and the only thing we could be sure of is more chaos, confusion, increased paperwork and higher costs.

It appears many people are jumping onto a band wagon that seems destined to be headed over a cliff.

If you read up on this idea, you’ll find different answers to the same questions, depending on the source.

Would we be able to keep our employer provided health care? Well, that depends on whose information you choose to believe.

Would the new system be phased in, or as we experienced with Obamacare, would we wait for up to an hour to talk to someone about what we could sign up for, then discover the sign-up site was frozen or non-functional, costing millions more to fix?


Also, Medicare is designed to address the health care needs of the elderly. How long will it take to write new rules and approve regulations to deal with health issues — such as pregnancy, childhood diseases and immunizations — that Medicare does not currently include?

There are far too many questions to be answered, assuming anyone currently knows the answers.

For now, we should fix what we have, not blow it up, having to start all over again.

Jack A. Roy