To the editor:

I am so thankful for the past eight weeks and for the opportunity to share my vision with the town of North Andover.

At the beginning of this campaign, there were probably only about 25 people who would have voted for me. While we ended up 75 votes short, I am eternally grateful to the 1,441 people who filled in my bubble.

Our campaign to build a better future for our town was rooted in integrity, openness and transparent communication. I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish and that our message of possibility resonated with so many people.

Thank you to all of the other candidates. The past year has been challenging for all of us, and this campaign highlighted how important the school system is to our town.

Running for office is hard, and knowing that there are people in our town who are willing to take on the risk gives me solace and hope.

Even though I didn’t win this election for the School Committee, I will still work hard each day to build a future for our town.

I know others will do the same.

Joe Hicks

North Andover

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