To the editor:

During this time in our state and our nation, checks and balances on individuals who hold seats of power is critical. The 2020 election is creeping around the corner, and while early, it is important we start paying attention.

On June 20, Honorable Mindi Messmer stated she was running for Executive Council in District 3. Currently, this seat is held by Republican Executive Councilor Russell Prescott.

The Executive Council is a critical body in New Hampshire. It serves as the last check to the governor and can either approve or disapprove of his appointments and nominations — including of judges and major heads of departments such as the Department of Education, Department of Environmental Services, Department of Transportation, as well as the state attorney general.

Mindi’s background as a former state representative and congressional candidate, finishing third in an 11-person primary field for Congress in District 1, as well as her experience as a small business owner, are the reasons she is highly qualified to run for Executive Council in District 3.

Through her experience, Mindi focused on a wide variety of issues. She is also a mother of a high school senior and a rising college senior who understands and is a strong supporter of funding and improving our public school system.

She is also known for blowing the whistle on a Centers for Disease Control-defined double cancer cluster in a five-town area of the New Hampshire seacoast. She is a founding member of the N.H. Safe Water Alliance and is known for her advocacy for drinking water protection, chronic disease and cancer prevention.

On July 18, through the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, New Hampshire set the strictest drinking water protections in the nation for PFAS compounds. This was a result of Senate Bill 309, which Mindi authored a couple years ago and passed last June.

New Hampshire has the highest in the nation rates of pediatric, esophageal, breast and bladder cancer, and an alarmingly high rate of pancreatic cancer in the Seacoast area. According to the 2019 American Cancer Society’s Facts and Figures report, the state has an estimated 8,610 new diagnosed cases of cancer just within the past year. This includes but is not limited to 1,330 cases of breast cancer and 500 cases of bladder cancer.

There were an estimated 180 deaths from breast cancer and 200 estimated deaths from pancreatic cancer in New Hampshire alone. These statistics are real, and they are alarming.

Mindi Messmer has been working day in and day out to fight for clean drinking water, a clean environment and cancer prevention across the state.

New Hampshire citizens can no longer wait to have a seat at the table. I feel fortunate to have people like Mindi Messmer running for Executive Council to ensure we have a voice. She would bring humility and integrity to this role, and it is for this reason I am a proud supporter.

Mackenzie Murphy

Merrimack, N.H.