To the editor:

I once lived in a town that was comprised of all volunteers for the fire department. One of the members was my neighbor, and we were great friends.

He and his fellow members had Plectrons inside their homes that sounded an ear-piercing tone when activated by the department dispatcher. They also used to carry the old pagers that had a loud beeping sound or a vibrating alert that you could feel against your body when it went off.

Rank officers did and still carry a two-way radio. Also, where I lived, all responders had blue light strobes that were placed either atop their personal vehicles, or on top of the dashboards or inside the front grills or all of the aforementioned that were always activated while responding to calls.

The law stipulated that you must give all responders the right of way.

It can take a volunteer longer or shorter time to respond to a fire call, depending on where they are responding from. I support paid, full-time responders where applicable, but I also support volunteers accordingly.

Methuen is fortunate to have a paid department. I resent drivers who do not yield to these first responders when they are coming down the road, en route to an alarm.

It would take a multi-day conference to cover all aspects of this topic.

My thanks to all responders for your selfless dedication.

Bob Scimone


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