To the editor:

Let me see if I have this straight based on The Eagle-Tribune’s front-page article, “City worker sues over denied promotion.”

Methuen city employee Daniel Tulley is suing Mayor James Jajuga claiming in a lawsuit that “Jajuga told Tulley he would be promoted if his stepson (James McCarty, a Methuen city councilor) supported the mayor’s positions on the superior officers’ agreement” — an agreement that significantly financially benefits Jajuga’s son.

McCarty has apparently continued to oppose Jajuga on this contract dispute, and Tulley has not been promoted.

So, Tulley is suing Jajuga because a promotion was offered to Tulley by Jajuga as part of what sounds like a good, old-fashioned bribe to have Tulley get his stepson, City Councilor McCarty, to support Jajuga.

And Jajuga has kept to his threat. He didn’t “reward" Tulley with a promotion because Tulley didn’t get his stepson to support Jajuga.

Unbelievable — a lawsuit based on what sure sounds like an attempted bribe by the mayor of Methuen.

Who says politicians are dishonorable? Hey, Jajuga upheld the terms of his offer.

Bob Pokress