To the editor:

Why on earth would a police chief of Methuen who has 95 police officers expect to be paid $300,000-plus, when the average base salary for police chiefs in the United States is $93,565, according to

Let’s put this in perspective. Michel Moore, the police chief of Los Angeles, California, makes just over $300,000 per year and has just under 10,000 sworn police officers.

Also to note, 64% of the police department chiefs in the country think their salaries are enough for the cost of living in their area, according to Indeed.

Having said that, it is becoming bad news to have to read about this police chief over and over again. Now it’s in the Boston papers and on news stations. I like reading The Eagle-Tribune. There are great community event stories, people-helping-people stories, sporting events and athletes of greatness right here.

I can understand that being a police chief is a tough job. However, when you compare the crimes and number of calls for Los Angeles, California, which I don’t have room for in this opinion profile, this whole episode has to go away.

Serve and protect should be the mission.

Then it has been reported that the chief has a side business. That is a lot to comprehend as a Massachusetts taxpayer.

It would be great to learn more about how this contract ever got negotiated, as someone did not do their research.

Jim Grant


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