To the editor:

I first came to know Neil Perry when our children were young students at Saint Monica’s. Years after our kids had grown, Neil and I ended up reconnecting as volunteers with the Festival of Trees, where we worked side by side on some fantastic initiatives for our community.

Now, to see Neil as a candidate for mayor, I am excited for Methuen’s future.

Neil is a lifelong resident of our city, and his commitment hasn’t been just words, it’s been through actions. I’ve watched him take on leadership roles to make a difference while steering clear of the spotlight that others yearn for.

With Neil, it has always been about doing good and not about whether he is recognized. We need more of that modesty in our politics.

I’m excited about the values Neil brings to this campaign, but I’m equally excited about his knowledge. He’s a man who has spent decades working within budgets and negotiating millions of dollars worth of contracts as an executive at Raytheon.

Now more than ever perhaps, we need that type of experience and focused leadership at City Hall.

Neil’s candidacy gives me faith in a future where our city is back on track. That’s why I’m proudly giving him my vote as our next Mayor.

Jane Shawcross