To the editor:

In March I was a junior in college. Like so many, my world got flipped on its head when COVID-19 hit.

The opportunities of summer 2020 once seemed endless. I had a great internship lined up, I was getting ready for my 21st birthday, and I was poised to finish college on a high note.

Things changed, the world changed. My job got canceled and the bright hopes of a fun senior year vanished. Enter state Rep. Lenny Mirra.


Mirra took a chance on me, a kid who’d never run a campaign before, and he and his family have taken me in as one of their own. That’s who he is. He has a deep trust for the people he serves.

All I’ll say is that in politics it is increasingly rare that you find a candidate who you are really, truly proud to work for, but managing his campaign is the proudest thing I have done in my career.

Mirra’s devotion to the people he serves goes far beyond what I even thought I knew. Every day of a campaign you decide where to knock on doors, where to send mail, when to post on Facebook, and which voters you’re going to speak to. I can’t even tell you how many times he took himself off the campaign trail to answer calls and emails, package meals for the food insecure, or attend an event.

As a campaign manager I would get frustrated, but that’s when I began to realize he wasn’t just some regular politician. He pours his heart into the job. It’s why I’m proud to work for him.

I want to share a final story about our state representative that most people probably don’t know.

When a disabled Vietnam veteran had to vacate his property after his house flooded, Mirra took him and his wife into his home for several months until permanent housing could be found. But here’s the thing, he didn’t tell me until just recently because he didn’t want to seem like he was bragging about it.

That’s the kind of guy Mirra is: humble and willing to take in people to his own home.

I’ve experienced, firsthand, how Mirra bucks every trend of our current political climate. His job is to serve us, and serve us he does. So, I hope voters will take a chance on Lenny Mirra at the ballot box, just like he took a chance on me.

He was the silver lining of my 2020, and when we re-elect him, he’ll be the bright spot amid the darkness and rancor of national partisan politics. 

John Olds


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