To the editor:

John Michitson has dedicated himself to public service for 18 years. It is this commitment and City Council leadership that are helping to lift Haverhill into a competitive position in Massachusetts and the region.

Mitchison has successfully introduced several key economic initiatives, including helping the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub to launch in the downtown. He has helped recruit start-ups to our beloved downtown, and he has vigorously promoted the MakeIT maker space in the Mount Washington neighborhood for the creation of advanced manufacturing jobs for the community.

He has always been a strong advocate for our cherished neighborhoods and leveraged his position as City Council president to fund additional police officers. He inspired a five-year plan to reduce violence, and in this coming year, he will be focusing on a five-year plan for fire safety.

Mitchison has been a champion for higher education goals, including funding for new academic programs for our valued students and demanding a strategic capital improvement plan for much needed repairs to our aging schools.

We need to re-elect John Mitchison to the City Council to keep up this positive, inspiring growth for the betterment of Haverhill.

Stephen McKeon


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