To the editor:

I am a life-long resident of this great city, and I want to share my thoughts on why we need to re-elect Haverhill City Councilor John Michitson and why he has my vote:

Michitson has the experience we need. He is a dedicated and an active member of the City Council and has been for 18 years, serving nine as the council president.

Mitchison has always worked hard establishing the right long-term goals for our city, finding and putting in place needed solutions to improve education and public safety. This can be seen by his perseverance in fighting for a five-year plan for our Police Department, which resulted in new officer positions in the 2018 budget.

He was a strong advocate for growing the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs and initiatives in our schools, which are imperative in helping to prepare students for a successful future.

He also helped to launch the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub right here in Haverhill. The hub is focused on developing and growing start-ups, which can lead to more jobs at all levels in our community.

His latest endeavor is fighting for an alternative to the city’s sole broadband provider, Xfinity/Comcast. He is pushing for development of a world class network for us.

Mitchison has a vision for Haverhill. That vision can be seen in his unending passion for this city, his dedication to helping make improvements across the board, and his leadership and daily involvement in making Haverhill a safer city that offers opportunities to all while encouraging them to make Haverhill their home.

Sandra O’Dea


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