To the editor:

On Jan. 4, Darryl Abbas wrote to this paper defending Gov. Chris Sununu’s legislative record. I disagree.

Sununu’s 57 vetoes are by far the most vetoes of any governor — Republican or Democrat — over the past two decades.

According to research by NPR, the previous high was 15 by Governor John Lynch in 2012.

These vetoes represent a general failure of leadership by the governor on the problems our state faces in 2020. For example, instead of taking action on the climate emergency, Sununu has aligned himself with the science denier-in-chief by supporting U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord; he has declined to join with the other New England governors of both parties working together to fight climate change at the state level; and he vetoed two bills designed to increase solar power production.

Sununu’s lack of leadership is indefensible. We need a governor who will work with the Legislature to help New Hampshire prepare for the economic and environmental challenges of a warming world.

Barbara Michelson

Nelson, N.H.

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