To the editor:

I am writing regarding Haverhill School Committee members and the recent article about the “missing picture” of James Scully. I found it to be a ridiculous waste of resources.

The fact that members of the School Committee actually commented publicly is absurd. With the problems going on in the district today, they all have much greater concerns than playing Nancy Drew with the local newspaper.

Their focus should be on the children of Haverhill, not going to a school to investigate. Nathan Gage, assistant principal of the Hunking School, shouldn’t have to make comments to the paper to “clear things up.”

The fact that another member would actually be accused of removing the picture shows how dysfunctional this committee is.

School Committee members should be working together for the good of the children of Haverhill, not fighting like 6-year-olds.

It’s time to grow up, and time for the Tribune to stick to real news.

Carolyn Carbone


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