To the editor:

As the representative for Massachusetts’ 3rd Congressional District, I’m proud to support state Rep. Tram Nguyen for reelection in the 18th Essex District.

Our work together began days after we both took office in January 2019 and weeks into what would become the longest federal government shutdown in our nation’s history.

IRS employees in Andover were being furloughed or worse, forced to continue working without knowing the next time they’d receive a paycheck. We met with many of the workers and union representatives, and we turned their pleas for help into action.

Together, in coordination with local unions here in Massachusetts and around the country, we were able to end the shutdown, secure full back-pay for workers who hadn’t been paid, and even secure a raise for federal employees.

But our partnership hasn’t stopped there.

We’ve also teamed up to “Rock the Register” to support our local small businesses in Andover, North Andover and Lawrence who have been impacted by the Merrimack Valley gas explosions.

In the State House, Nguyen has supported a number of initiatives important to our communities, including strengthening pipeline safety requirements and reducing sewage overflows that pollute the Merrimack River.

In less than two years, she has proven herself to be a thoughtful and skilled legislator who is unafraid to fight for the results that folks in the 18th Essex deserve.

I support Rep. Tram Nguyen because I’ve seen all she’s accomplished in her first two years in office, and I know she’s just getting started.

U.S. Rep. Lori Trahan


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