To the editor:

The amount of division in our country today is distressing. Our partisan political system and the media are responsible for a great deal of this division,

Many politicians put the interests of their party and lobbyists ahead of their own countrymen. The media only makes things worse by distorting people's perspectives and manipulating our emotions with sensational stories.

There is such a wide range of views and ideologies outside the two major parties. If you only listen to the media, though, you will never hear the majority of these ideas. Reality is not as black-and-white as it's being made out to be.

It has been obvious for quite some time that we need a new political system, that our society is in desperate need of a paradigm shift.

I have watched our political system degenerate for years, and all I can do is shake my head. Getting rid of the two-party system is essential in order to reform our political system.

Getting money out of our political system is also vital, as money should have no place in politics to begin with.

We cannot allow things to continue as usual. Not only are we paying a high price for this absurdity, future generations will pay an even higher one.

We can no longer just sit by in complacency and let this situation deteriorate.

These reforms need to be made immediately in order to create a brighter future and improve the present.

Matthew Mixon


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