To the editor:

All politics are local, America was designed for the self-determination of towns and cities. Who we elect to represent us is our most important civic responsibility.

Over the last 20 years, I have watched Luke Noble grow as a professional, community leader and, most importantly, as a truly fine human being. Every day he demonstrates compassion, respect for another person’s dignity, extraordinary listening skills, and a sincere interest in those with different opinions.

As a community leader, he has regularly orchestrated critical issue discussions and invited a broad spectrum of political and philosophical enthusiasts.

Noble has facilitated healthy conversations, insisted everyone be respectfully heard and demonstrated kindness and acceptance that has encouraged Democrats, Republicans and Independents to learn from one another and understand that all of us have our community and country’s best interests in mind.

I have at times been dismayed by our state of politics, seeing things differently than Noble does. Always my ideas have been heard, understood and seriously considered. That’s a rare leadership characteristic in today’s world.

Noble is an insightful leader whose authenticity and concern for others emanates throughout everything he dedicates himself to doing.

We lost an invaluable community member. It was North Andover’s gain.

Noble’s leadership in community efforts garnered a level of excitement, dedication and involvement that had not occurred previously nor since.

The historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote: “The genius of America lies in its capacity to forge a single nation from people of remarkably diverse racial, religious, and ethnic origins.”

It’s impossible without talented leaders. Luke Noble is such a leader.

Rick Maybury


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