To the editor:

We are finally seeing trade deals that make sense for American workers. Yet apparently, partisan loyalties can be blinding for some.

Most New England governors have taken point on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal and are in consensus. A trade deal that would boost our economy, bring in valuable jobs, and consequently improve the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of New Hampshire citizens, is nothing to scoff at.

New Hampshire alone has 437 manufacturing companies that export throughout North America, companies that are directly impacted by international trade agreements. The USMCA would eliminate red tape for such companies, ensuring business flourishes and money makes its way into the salaries of hard-working Granite Staters.

In 2018, New Hampshire exported $664 million to Canada and $420 million to Mexico, accounting for 20% of the state’s total exports.

In 2018, New Hampshire imported $5.6 billion from Canada and $396 million from Mexico, accounting for over 48% of the state’s total imports.

USMCA would allow these numbers to grow, bringing an even greater benefit to our state. It explains why Gov. Chris Sununu has been such a staunch supporter of the deal.

Nationally the USMCA would contribute over $68 billion to the economy, creating an additional 176,000 jobs. These numbers are concrete, they are nothing to scoff at.

The hesitation to pass such an objectively beneficial trade agreement is unwarranted, and Democratic legislators who oppose this agreement need to reassess where their loyalties lie — to their political party, or to the people whom they were elected to serve?

Karen Swanson


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