To the editor:

Time to remember D-Day, World War II, those who sacrificed for our democracy and democratic principles. I want to name Bob Bucklin of Alexandria, New Hampshire, deceased in 2006, who witnessed D-Day and told me its horrors. He saw the bodies of so many Allied invasion forces dead in the sea, the boat carrying him riding through them.

Some have read and learned much from Anthony Doerr's “All the Light We Cannot See,” set in Nazi-occupied France. Radio communication played a big role in strategizing against the Nazi invaders, and precious few were the radios not destroyed by the invaders.

New on the book scene is “A Woman of No Importance: the Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II,” by Sonia Purnell. In this account, also set in Nazi-occupied France, radios used for strategizing successfully against the enemy are memorably depicted.

Virginia Hall, totally devoted to ridding France of its invaders, spied for the British, using her fine language skills and survival instincts in dangerous places and in leading resistance forces. She learned radio use.

Now, I’m reading the Mueller Report, published and presented with related materials by The Washington Post. My neighbor told me her attempts at downloading the big book failed; I told her, "I bought it easily at Gibson's Book Store."

According to the back cover, it is "essential reading for all citizens concerned about the fate of the presidency and the future of our democracy." Yes, I recommend it. Though it is big, its Table of Contents helps perfectly.

Reading the aforementioned books set in World War II, the Mueller Report pulls it all to the present. What radio communication with its dots and dashes was 75 years ago, today is replaced by electronics, hacked computers and social media manipulation. One page 98, it gives the dates the Russian hackers set to work getting the particulars they needed:

“On April 14, 2016 (approximately three days after the initial intrusion), GRU officers downloaded rar.exe onto the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committees' document server. The following day the GRU searched one compromised DCCC computer for files containing search terms that included 'Hillary', 'DNC', Cruz', and 'Trump'."

The Russian hackers "compressed and exfiltrated over 70 gigabytes of data from this file server." The next dates on the same page are April 22, May 25 and June 1, involving "thousands of stolen e-mails and attachments."

This kind of war is speeded up.

In New England, we were probably out planting our gardens.

Much gratitude goes to investigator Robert Mueller and his team. The report's earlier redacted lines are often labeled HOM or “Harm to Ongoing Matter.” Later in the book redacted parts are labeled “Grand Jury.”

Information discovered in the investigation is being scrutinized and used by other court systems. Not yet is it "case closed."

Lynn Rudmin Chong

Sanbornton, N.H.