To the editor:

One day is all it took for President Joe Biden to do incredible damage. There is no unity in his decision to destroy the rights of women athletes in the United States.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration wasted no time in demanding policies that gut legal protections for women by denying female athletes fair competition in sports, ignoring women’s unique health needs and forcing vulnerable girls to share intimate spaces with men who identify as female.

The implications for athletics drew national attention last year after the Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit on behalf of three Connecticut high school female track athletes who said they were deprived of fair competition, honors and scholarship chances by two transgender runners who took 15 state titles.

This isn’t equality, and it isn’t progress.

Biden’s call for "unity" falls flat when he seeks to hold those receiving federal funds hostage if they don’t do tremendous damage to the rights, opportunities and dignity of women and girls.

The Trump administration sided with the Connecticut female athletes, arguing that the state policy violated Title IX by discriminating against biological girls and women.

This and all of the executive orders Biden has signed sidestep our Constitution. He came into office like he was king, spending the day away signing orders. What ever happened to a government by the people and for the people?

Why aren't these laws and reversals being sent to Congress for the ultimate decision?

Biden is behaving like a dictator.

Darlene Murray


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