To the editor:

Regarding the recent letter to the editor about Sen. Elizabeth Warren's use of the term "murder" regarding the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri let’s concede that it was ruled justified use of force.

What strikes me is that the writer takes one instance from Sen. Warren making a misstatement and disqualifies her as a candidate for president, and fortunately we are still free to vote for whomever we choose.

But it's funny how people will vilify one person for a single misstatement while paying no heed to a president who lies as basic strategy and hinders all efforts to learn truth regarding his dealings.

To accuse one pol of "pandering" while excusing another who has done nothing but pander his entire term is illogical.

President Trump is obviously unable to put America ahead of his self interest, and his appointees are doing everything possible to devastate our environment and pollute our air and water — all in pursuit of profits for big corporations.

This president seems to be enamored of despots who rule with an iron fist and murder anyone that opposes them. This used to be thought a bad thing.

President Donald Trump's big accomplishments were a tax giveaway to the obscenely rich, which has resulted in increased deficits, and stacking the U.S. Supreme Court with conservatives.

Other than that, it's been all vacations and dates with dictators.

Americans used to wonder how the German people could let someone like Hitler rise to power. Now we know.

If Trump wins reelection, make mine Hemlock.

Leonard Gallivan


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