To the editor:

At a medical testing laboratory recently, a frail elderly woman with a limp, clinging to a walker, was inhumanely shuttled aside by laboratory employees.

The workers were busy. They insisted that the infirm woman follow their "rule" to check in and wait in line for a test -- a "rule" which actually didn't apply to her because she was there merely to "drop off" a sample by prior arrangement.

The busy workers would not listen to her but insisted that she wait her "turn," which meant standing outside the building, in the rain, for more than 20 minutes.

When the workers finally reached her in "line" they merely accepted the delivery of her a pre-wrapped sample and didn't even require her to enter the building.

Being busy and trying to follow the pandemic "rules" is no excuse for inhumane treatment.

Would the lab workers have been fired for accepting the woman's sample "out of turn?" No. In fact, she was was "in turn."

Would the other people, waiting in line for lab tests, have complained? No. One or two even tried to help the woman get her point across to the bureaucratic lab workers.

We've got to do better. This woman was old and frail, but a human with feelings.

The workers are people, too, pressured by overwork to act quickly. But brushing another human aside without paying any attention, even when you're busy, especially in a health care setting, is not acceptable.

Freda Muldoon


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