To the editor:

Friday, Aug. 9, marked the fifth anniversary of the uprising in Ferguson, Missouri. On that day five years ago, a black man, 18-year-old Michael Brown, was shot dead by a white Ferguson police officer,  Darren Wilson.

Two socialists running for the Democratic nomination for president, Sen. Kamala Harris and our own Elizabeth Warren, marked this anniversary by stating that Brown was murdered. This is an outright, bald-faced life, and they both know it.

Brown and a friend had earlier stolen cigars from a convenience store, and Brown roughed up the store attendant who tried to stop him to pay. Shortly after this, the two were walking down the middle of a busy road when Wilson pulled up in his cruiser and told them to get on the sidewalk.

Brown apparently took offense to this, as he attacked Wilson through the open window of the cruiser, in an attempt to take Wilson’s gun. Two shots were fired, one hitting Brown in the hand.

I remember the photo of Wilson afterward, with large welts on his face, apparently from punches thrown by Brown.

Brown then started walking away when Wilson yelled at him to stop. Brown then stopped, turned and starting walking back toward Wilson.

Now, Brown was an imposing figure at 6 feet, 4 inches, and close to 300 pounds. Wilson yelled for him to stop again, but Brown kept proceeding.

At this point Wilson discharged his revolver and hit Brown a total of six times, the last proving fatal.

This was a clear case of self-defense, but a false narrative was put forward by the media, and the town of Ferguson erupted in looting and violence.

A St. Louis grand jury did not indict Wilson, an FBI investigation stated that he had not violated Brown's civil rights, and President Barack Obama's Justice Department also found that Wilson acted in self defense.

You would think this would be enough, but Harris and Warren state that Brown was murdered. What pandering.

Think about Wilson, whose life basically ended that day, as well as Brown’s. Neither Harris and Warren about him or the truth. To them, it's all about votes.

Believe it not, I hope Warren wins the nomination because she will get trounced by Trump in the general election by a margin equivalent to the Bush-Dukakis election of 1988. That will be a beer and popcorn moment for me.

Mark Kislowski


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